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A session on basic medical emergencies for the skill training students at DB BEST Academy

The skill training at DB BEST academy, Bangalore supported by BREADS not only provides youth with the necessary skills in particular domains, but also undertake trainings to build self-confidence, interactive skills, interview skills, time management, workplace behaviours, communication, negotiation skills and to have a positive attitude towards life. The youth are equipped with skills, information and perseverance during the short duration of three months course to meet the challenges at workplace and life.

As part of the course, the batch six students were given special lecture on basic Medical Emergencies by Dr. Jagadish, Vidhi NGO on 22 June 2018. As the trainees enter the workforce first aid is part of sound management to make work life safe. The session was started after Mr. Joseph Pradeep, Coordinator, Skill Training introduced the resource person to the students. Eventually Dr. Jagadish introduced the concept of Medical Emergency and the immediate methods to handle the medical emergencies. The training included demonstrations wherein the students were able to understand and comprehend the session thoroughly. The students were illustrated the value of life and also the first rule of responding to a medical emergency. The session even covered the subjects such as handling the accident environment, basic treatment for allergic reactions, first aid for burn, responding to cardiac arrest, treating the neck, back and head injuries immediately, treatment for poisoning, stroke and seizures. Through the practical training the resource person ensured that the students will efficiently manage the emergency situations accordingly whenever the situation arises.

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