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Turning the pages of literacy

The fast growing population of India pause a serious challenge to the literacy rate of the nation where 35 percent of the World’s illiterate population lives in India. If India improves the education scenario, it could change the global educational scenario significantly. To this realisation, the Right to Education to be further extended to ensure that we reach out to the adult population of the country and not just to the young children to rectify the figures in future.

The Inauguration of the Adult Literacy Program (ALP) was conducted at Bandalli village in Yadgiri district on 20 June, 2018. The program was inaugurated by Fr. Joy Nedumparambil, Executive Director, BREADS Bangalore. The Adult Literacy Program newly implemented by BREADS in the seven districts of Karnataka state is a great milestone towards achieving the nation’s dream of a complete literate nation. The Adult Literacy Program intends to impart Computer Based Functional Literacy (CBFL) classes to the illiterates in the rural villages between the age group of 15 – 45 years including male and female. The ALP project is set to educate and literate 720 illiterate members of rural villages of Yadgiri district in one year.

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