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Inauguration of the tuition centers at Chitradurga district

The CREAM project has been making remarkable changes in the status of children in Chitradurga district ever since the initiation of the activities from 2012. The children are facilitated to do advocacy actions for promoting child rights and to prevent the violations directed towards children. The right to education of children is upheld; hence the vulnerable children in the remote villages are given the opportunity for supplementary education through the introduction of tuition centres at village level.
Chithra, Don Bosco under CREAM project inaugurated the tuition centres at Malkalamuru taluk, Sajjankere taluk, Chitralli at Holalkere taluk and MD Kote taluk. The inauguration witnessed the presence and extended support from the Gram panchayath members, SDMC, School headmasters, teachers, parents, school children, Cream staff, social activists and the villagers. The program was inaugurated by Fr. Sonychen, Director Chithra, Don Bosco. At Sajjankere taluk, there were 80 children present and at MD. Kote taluk there were 82 children present. The children were encouraged to enhance their learning through the additional support offered to them. The tuition centres were received with extended hands by the villagers and children. They have shown intense interest to attend the program regularly. The tuition centres are the stepping stone for the children to achieve their dreams and aspirations as the tuition centres play a pivot role in the lives of these children.

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