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Finding the doorway to wisdom

Chithra Don Bosco facilitated the 30 days Hindi coaching camp from 07/04/2018 to 07/05/2018 for the children from Bairapura village, Molakalmuru taluk, Chitradurga district.The core purpose of the camp was to stretch out the language among the children. The camp ensured that all the children benefited from the weeks of training and coaching enabling the students to fluently write and read Hindi language. The concluding event was held on 07/05/2018, teachers, parents and students gathered together to mark the special occasion.  The parents and teachers were content to watch the students learning the language enthusiastically. Children actively participated in the Hindi test, Quiz, pick and speech and prizes were distributed to the winners and participants. The parents and teachers stated that it was the first time that in the village a camp was organized to teach the children Hindi language.

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