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Voters’ campaign in Bangalore

CREAM project, BOSCO, Bangalore organized a voters’ campaign from BOSCO Nilaya to different areas of Bangalore including Ranasinghpet, Manvarthipet, Sultanpet, Post Office, Sultanpet, New Tharagpet, Old Tharagpet, and Police station, V.V Puram on April 20, 2018. The idea of the campaign was to promote the practice of citizens voting judiciously, without being bribed by any particular party/group of people. Children marched across all areas with posters with quotes saying, ‘my vote is my right, my vote is not for sale’. Ramesh and Parimala, Officers, Post office, Sultanpet, Bangalore encouraged child participation in creating awareness on the voting rights of the citizens. Raju, Police Inspector, V.V Puram and other sub-inspectors spoke on child protection. One hundred-seventeen children, thirteen MSW students and CREAM staff participated in the campaign.

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