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Production skill training at Kollam

Fishermen Community Development Programme (FCDP), Kollam, Kerala has conducted the production skill training on 1st and 2nd of December 2017 to improve the production skills of the SHG women in the production of daily needs of household items and to facilitate the SHG members to start small  business ventures in the learnt skills. On the first day Mr. Varghese Paul, the resource person dealt with theory class on production techniques of various products. The resource person elaborated the various ingredients, mixing, making, packaging of products with video presentation, experience sharing and demo class. In the practical sessions the trainer demonstrated the detailed production process of the products mainly- toilet cleaners, herbal shampoo, dish wash powder, starch powder, tooth powder. On the second day after the theory sessions the trainer went on with the practical sessions where the participants learnt the skills and practical production methods of the following products- medicated black phenol, saree shampoo, transparent soap, hand wash and hair shampoo. In the final session the participants discussed their issues, practical solutions to start micro enterprises; all raised the concerns of marketing. The resource person gave information about how to market the products through network, direct selling, online marketing, tying up with business firms and even branding the product.  40 women from different SHGs participated in the two day training.

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