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Project for young at risk

Rescue and Rehabilitation of Street Children through Street Presence

  • The main objective of the Project is to protect the street children through street presence, reach out to the vulnerable children and assist them to be in a safe environment which enhances, enrich, enjoy, nourish and develop their childhood.
  • Over 5 years period the project had rescued and rehabilitated more than 25000 vulnerable children from the street of Bangalore city.
  • In the year 2016-17 the project team had contacted 5876 (5076 boys and 800 girls) vulnerable children in the city of Bangalore. Among these children 4466 children were reunited with their families and 1410 children placed in institutions for formal/informal education or vocational trainings.
  • Engaged 184 volunteers from India and abroad in the rescue and rehabilitation process.
  • Awareness was created among 15300 children on child rights and child protection.

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      The project had provided care and support service to the 50 minor
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      Child Safety Net project is creating an awareness, rescue, rehabi
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      The main aim of the project is to rescue and rehabilitate margina
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      Project is providing counseling to the rescued children and under