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Training on Gender Equality at Hospet

Gender equality is one of the sustainable development goals to transform our world.  It aims at ensuring the fundamental human rights, peace and sustainability in the world. Gender equality is important and necessary to eliminate all sorts of discrimination against women and girls in our society. It is the duty and responsibility of each and every one to safeguard and respect the rights of women thereby establishing a strong, peaceful and sustainable world.

Don Bosco Hospet organised two days training for government officials on gender equality on 13th and 14th of September 2017. The sessions were handled by Mr.Ragavendra, Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee, Bangalore. The resource person narrated in detail on the reason why gender equality is selected as one of the sustainable development goals and explained that the studies and research conducted in Karnataka shows that there is a gap in the sex ratio and the rate of infant mortality is very high. It is easy to make gender discriminations and gender inequality but very hard to establish gender equality unless we have wider level thinking and open mindset. The participants could more clearly understand the difference between gender and sex, discriminations in our society, rights of women, role and strength of women in family and society and moreover the importance of sustainable development goals.

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