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‘Shaale Kade Nanna Nade’ (My Walk Towards School) Campaign in Ramnagara

‘Shaale Kade Namma Nade’ is an awareness campaign launched by the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR); it joins hands with concerned Government departments, organizations and like-minded groups to enrol the children to mainstream education. It intends to reduce the number of school dropouts in the state and to increase the enrolment and re-enrolment of children to schools. Massive rallies, songs, signature campaigns, street plays are organized to reach the civilians to propagate the enrolment of children to mainstream education. Don Bosco Yuva Marg Ramnagara, is passionately involved in this movement and carries out admission campaigns in the different villages of Ramnagara district.

The district of Ramnagara is very close to the capital city of Karnataka. The private schools in Ramnagra are very dominant; as a result of it many prominent Government schools had to close down due to lack of children in the schools. The survival of the Government schools have become a serious concern because it is the haven for the economically backward children and in private schools these children end up paying high fees and donation. Therefore the campaign for new admissions have started in the district to support and strengthen the Govt schools.

Ambadahalli is one of the backward villages in the district and the admission campaign was organized at Ambadahalli village to encourage parents to admit children in the government schools. Mr. Cheluvaiah, the head master of the school inaugurated the campaign. It has inspired the parents and children and has given the wonderful impression about the government schools. The admission campaign can help to remove the stereotypes about government schools.


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