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Don Bosco Ajjanahalli organized the summer camp for the residential students from 10th April to 22nd  April 2017. The camp carried the theme- ‘B Smile Camp 2017′ (Bosco Summer Maja, I Like to Enjoy). The inauguration marked the presence of Fr. Sony SDB, Rector, Fr. Devassy SDB, Vice Rector. The camp began with the motivating statement from Fr. Sony -“The things that does not Challenge you, will not Change you”. He asked the children to make new learning which can change the lives and to become good citizens of the country.

The camp specifically focused on improving the language proficiency of children in Kannada, the tests and home works helped them to improve.  The children had a competitive spirit and challenged each other to be excellent in the activities.

The variety of activities, games and talent shows propelled the children to be more creative and unique. The activities included- fashion show, constructing the house, art work by using the waste materials, building a school with natural resources, singing and dance competitions, skits, outdoor games and the picnic to DB Mountain. The camp organized the football coaching for three days and it was handled by Mr. Nagaraj and Mr. Hanumanth, former students of Don Bosco. For the camp fire on the last day the children performed according to the contextual and tribal culture and it was one of the best programmes the children enjoyed most. The children were very sensible enough to clean the premises which they had been using. The camp came to an end by distributing the prizes and certificates and displayed the movie to end the camp on a high note. The children were very enthusiastic all throughout and the fun and laughter filled the campus.

Over all everybody had the joyous moments which they can cherish in their life time. The camp was a success and many hands worked together to make the camp a memorable one, especially Bro. Devaraj, Bro. Lijo, Bro. Martin and Ms. Mala who spent the qualitative time with the children to impart the values.

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