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Volunteer Engagement Programme at BOSCO

BREADS organized a volunteer engagement programme for children at Bosco Bangalore. Volunteers from the group named Heart Shakers of El-Shaddai (HSES) visited Bosco Mane and Bosco Vatsalya Bhavan, Chamrajpet in July 2016. Heart Shakers of El-Shaddai are like-minded people from different corporate office came together to do volunteering services for the deserving.The volunteers group split into two: One in BOSCO Mane- the boy’s home and the other in BOSCO Vathsalya Bhavan- the girl’s home. The staff and children at each center welcomed the volunteers at the entrance and gave them an introduction about BOSCO and activities at that particular center.

 The team started the program with an opening prayer. They taught the children 3 English songs, enacted a skit, split the children into groups to engage them with group activities and then concluded with a short message on the topic “We are Champions in the Eyes of God”. It was more like an interactive session. The children were given the opportunities to know their strengths and weaknesses. The team gave attention to all the children equally and explained them how beautiful and unique they are. The activities helped the children to work in team, make decisions and enjoy.  The program ended with the distribution of snacks to the children. The children were very happy to see a new set of vibrant youth with innovative and creative activity plans. The activities made in a platform for the children to come out and talk in public. On a whole, the program helped the children to build in self-confidence and motivated them to work towards accomplishing their goals. It was informative, interesting and a successful programme, both volunteers and children enjoyed it.

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